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Written by Brian Heeney   

In February the ABC Board of Directors approved a significant rule change affecting all Open Class skiers at National.  The official language is as follows.  If you have questions please contact the ABC Rules Committee or Brian Heeney


USA 310 National Tournaments - Advancement to second round

USA310.a Age Division Skiers

There will be one round of skiing for Age Division Skiers.

USA310.b Open & Open Pro Division Skiers

1) The number of Open & Open Pro Division skiers advancing to the second round will be cut in half with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12. To advance into the second round a positive score has to have been posted in the first round.

2) If there is an odd number of skiers posting a positive score in the 1st round, the number of skiers who advance will be rounded up to the next whole number.

3) In the case of a tie for the last position all skiers with that score will advance.

4) The first round of the corresponding division will be eliminated at tournaments with 4 or less skiers in either Open or Open Pro division.

5) Medals will be awarded based on the results of the second round.


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