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Written by Paul Adams   

This message was sent out by Richard Gray, World Barefoot Council Chairman;


2-29-2012 World Barefoot Council Web Headquarters:

After many many years of great ideas, discussions, "we should do this"
statements and creative thoughts the WBC has been blessed with an
individual that took action.

The WBC now has Video Exams for judging LIVE on our web site. This is a
groundbreaking achievement not only for Barefooting, but for all of Water
Ski and Wakeboard. We are the only discipline to have such a program.

Our officials and skiers world wide will greatly benefit from this
advancement as we realize consistent standards for judging and clear
requirements for skiers to train to.

The exams have been reviewed by 7 of the Worlds top judges, and reflect the
standards we currently require as per our 2012 rules.

I ask that ALL officials of any level please take the first exam in the
next few days in order for us to receive feedback and to continue to make
the system better. We will be adding an exam every week for the next few

SKIERS ALERT!  -  I urge all of you, especially the ones that compete at a
high level, to make these exams part of your weekly training program.

Take exam #1 today!


Richard Gray

Chairman - World Barefoot Council

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