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Keith St Onge has won 14 National Overall titles with his latest at the 2013 National Championships.  14 is more than any Barefooter in history and no reason to beleive he will not win many more before his career is over.




Ron Scarpa won seven consecutive titles from 1990-1996.  No one could stop the Ragging Bull until a young nineteen year old from Northern New Hampshire introduced the line step 360 in 1997.  Keith St.Onge was the first skier to perform this trick in a tournament and it put him in front of the pack. "Ron Scarpa and I went back and forth for years with National titles and in 2013 we were tied with 13 National Overall Titles in the Open Pro Division.  I never thought about breaking this particular record until just a few years ago.  I counted Ron's Overall Titles and realize with four more wins I could break the record." Keith says.

This year at the 2013 Nationals Keith captured his 14th Overall Title breaking Scarpa's record of 13.  "Breaking this record was done with honor.  I proved to myself how much of a commitment I made to the sport and the impact I hope to leave for the others coming up the ranks." Keith says from his heart.

Setting a new record solidifies Keith's accomplishments in the sport of barefoot water skiing as one of the most decorated skiers there has ever been.  "I could retire now and be happy with my career but I wouldn't mind a few more titles before that day comes." Keith says with a smile and a wink.
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