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So,  you can barefoot waterski? 

But can you do your trick run holding a raw egg without breaking it?

We've been doing the egg relay here in the SCR for many years now.   The Egg Relay is the brain child of King Cat Richard Grant of the Alley Cats ski team.    Long before the "grassroots" movements started asking us all to have fun events, we were already there.   In the SCR we had the Tumble-off (compliments of Paul Stokes), we have the Egg Relay,  we have the original Dan2Dam race,   We're pretty proud of our originality and uniqueness, but more than that it is fun to ski and it is hilarious to watch.

What is an egg relay?   This is our fun event that breaks up the serious 3-event skiing.    It is a team event and if you're lucky enough to win the egg relay you join a very elite group.  At the beginnig of the tournament all skier's  names are put into the hat and we draw for partners.  And over lunch we run the egg relay.  It is a timed event and time starts when the skier in the water says "hit it" and stops when the egg is put safely in the floating nest at the other end of the lake.   Seconds are deducted from the skier's time for tricks performed.   Sure there are the regular tricks, but their are also tricks that can only be done in the egg relay.  For example, passing the egg under your leg while it is in the toe strap, or tossing the egg in the air and catching it while skiing and many others.......all take precious seconds off of your time.   Both team members times are added together,  the team with the lowest adjusted elapsed time WINS!!!

This year's winners:

Grand Champion Team:     Jimmy Tauras and Durant rollins

First Runner up Team:       Stuart Parsons and Landon Ehlers


Below,  Richard Jordan, on his way to safely depositing his egg in the nest.


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