South Central 2009 Regional Records and Thanks
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SCR Regionals, there are simply too many people to thank. But let's start with a big Thanks to the Blue Mile Ski Club for letting the Austin Barefoot Ski Club host Regionals at their lake. With an extra big thanks to Dayna, Chad & Rod....because even when you're not hosting when it is your site there is still so much to be done.  Not the least of which are the thankless jobs of mowing and trash duty...... so from all of us in the SCR... Thanks.

Another big THANKS goes to the Austin Barefoot Ski Club for finding water in our dry corner of the world, so that they could put on the South Central Regional Championships.  It has been a tough few years.  Austin ABSC has the largest club in the US, but they are short on water.  So for a club who generally host more than one tournament a year, it has been a long dry spell in more than one sense of the word. 

If I try to outline who in the club was responsible for which task, I'll goof it up and offend let's just say Thanks ABSC, you guys are awesome.  The South Central wouldn't be the same without you..... 


Regional Records!!


Tom Olden - Mens 8 Tricks 150 Points

Chelsea Hammond - Girls 3 Tricks - 705 Points


Then there was the battle between the Mens 5 trickers. Mike Hartman held the record from last year at 1650 points. This year he beat his own record by 50 points and raised the bar to 1700. Jimmy Tauras answered his call and raise the ante to 1750. Mike came back in the pick & choose round with a score of 1800 to hold on to his title. Note: All scores listed above after record review.

We reviewed several videos for potential Nationals records:

Mens 5 Slalom - Mike Hartman and Jimmy Tauras

Open Mens Tricks - Royal Wiseman


These performances, did not make it through frame by frame review. :-( Sorry Guys.


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