2009 Nationals published results
Written by Paul Adams   

Fellow ABC members and supporters,

               Recently the September / October issue of the Water-Skier magazine published an article covering the 32nd Parson’s Roofing 2009 US Barefoot National’s, the article was very well written and contained many details along with photos of some of the participants and champions.

              Unfortunately, the results that were given to the USA-WS staff include a few errors.  There was a software bug in the scoring program that caused this error across multiple divisions.  The error has been resolved and the results corrected.

              As your current ABC president I would like to formally apologize for this error and extend the entire organization’s regret in making this error.  I know for those that should have been recognized, we can never make that up to you but we would like you to know that we are truly sorry for the error and will strive to prevent any future errors.


Joe Malenfant

In Men 1: Cody Heller was reported as winning
jumping and overall. He actually was second in
overall, second in slalom, third in trick and first in
Open Pro jumping. (This is why he also gets 1,000
overall points in the M1 jump event)
Kyle Szwed was reported as winning tricks. He
actually was first overall, first in tricks, third in
slalom and first in jumping (Since his score was the
best age division score he and Cody both received
1,000 overall points)

In Men 4: James McCann was reported to be first in
jumping and first overall. He actually was first in jumping
and third overall. Tom Tocco was reported as first in slalom.

He actually was third in slalom in the
Open Men group (his score was higher than the winner
in the age division so he also received 1,000 points)
Richard Wittsell was not reported in this group. He
actually placed first in slalom, third in jumping and second
overall. Aaron York was not reported in this group. He
actually placed second in tricks and first overall. 



Last Updated ( Monday, 23 November 2009 )