Mens World Trick Record
Written by Paul Adams   

In just over 1 months David Small has twice broken the Mens World Trick Record.  

The following was written by Richard Gray, Chairman of the World Barefoot Council. "July 5, 2010 David Small (GBR) is on a Record Setting pace this season. He has skied in two tournaments, and after ratification by the Records Review Committee he has set new World Records in each appearance. On May 8th in West Palm Beach Florida David bumped the record up by 50 points to 11,300. A month later at Lake Silverado in Adna WA (Site of the 2006 World Championships) he took advantage of the World Class lake and scored a 12,150 point run. Both records were performed behind the Sanger DXII"
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 06 July 2010 )