American Water Ski Educational Foundation (AWSEF)

Dear Friends,


Did you know that the sport of water skiing traces its roots back to 1922 when Ralph Samuelson first strapped on a pair of homemade skis? That was almost 90 years ago. Since 1968 the American Water Ski Educational Foundation, AWSEF, has been in existence with its mission to preserve, collect, and exhibit various elements of the sport for the purposes of research, education, and inspiration at it’s headquarters in Florida.


Specifically AWSEF

  • Provides the AWSEF Water Ski Experience Museum/Hall of Fame building, and the headquarters of USA Water Ski
  • Offers up to five $1500 college scholarships and one $3000 scholarship per year
  • Administers four $1000 scholarships for the Boys/Girls 1-3 overall winners at the AWSA National Championships
  • Preserves the history and legacy of boat towed water sports with it’s collection, preservation, and displaying of examples of ski equipment, art, and awards
  • Maintains a reference library of water ski literature, including books, periodicals, films, and video/DVDs
  • Maintains the US Water Ski Hall of Fame and the International Water Ski Hall of Fame
  • Oversees the Hall of Fame selection process and annual inductions
  • Provides research and education for it’s members, the media, and students
  • Built a world class lake adjacent to the Water Ski Experience and headquarters building
  • Promotes all water sports disciplines and divisions
  • Provides ways to memorialize and honor the sport’s participants, clubs, and loved ones
  • Keeps you informed thru it’s website,


AWSEF is currently conducting a special fundraising raffle offering a grand prize of $10,000. Other tickets drawn can possibly win cash from $50 up to $1000. Only 1000 tickets have been printed for the drawing which will be held on Friday November 12, 2010 at the Water Ski Hall of Fame in Polk City, Florida. Tickets can be purchased for $100 each and a form is attached to this email.

  Click here for raffle form

Please consider buying a raffle ticket and a membership if you’re not already a member. The cost of membership is as low as $25, it’s tax deductible, and your membership and donation will go a long way towards maintaining the history and legacy of the sport that so many of us passionately enjoy.

  Click here form membership application



Paul Chapin

White Bear Lake, Minnesota



Hall of Fame Selection Committee member