ABC Board Meeting Minutes

Click on the desired minutes below and minutes will open in a new window.  Requires PDF reader. Previous years available by request.

2023 Winter Board Meeting Minutes

2022 General Membership Meeting Minutes

2022 Summer Board Meeting Minutes

2022 Winter Board Meeting Minutes

2021 Summer Board Meeting Minutes

2021 Winter_Board_Meeting_Minutes

2020 Summer Meeting Minutes

2020 Covid19 Nationals Minutes July 2020

2020 Covid19 Meeting Minutes May 2020

2020 Winter Meeting Minutes

2019 Summer Meeting Minutes

2019 Winter meeting minutes

2018 Summer meeting minutes

2018 Winter meeting minutes

2017 Summer meeting minutes

2017 Winter meeting minutes

2016 Summer meeting minutes

2016 Winter meeting minutes

2013 Winter meeting minutes

2013 Summer meeting minutes

2012 Winter meeting minutes 

2012 Summer meeting minutes

2011 Summer meeting minutes

2011 Winter meeting minutes

2010 Summer meeting minutes

2010 Winter meeting minutes 

2009 Summer meeting minutes

2009 Winter meeting minutes

2008 Summer meeting minutes

2008 Winter meeting minutes  

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