2014 Patrick Wehner Sportsmanship Award

The World Barefoot Center is now calling for Nominations to be put forward for the 2014 Patrick Wehner  Sportsmanship Award. This year we are looking to get nominations sent in from each Region and or Country with nominees that they think are deserving of this award.

We ask that each Region takes a few moments to compose a worthy nomination for any Junior Skiers that they believe is deserving of receiving the Patrick Wehner Sportsmanship Award. You must submit a document which includes the nominees name and a short paragraph expressing why you think this athlete is deserving of this award.

  •  The criteria of the award is as follows:
  • Must be a Junior Skier (Under 17)
  • Must show true sportsmanship both on and off the water
  • The person must be attending the 2014 World Championships
  • Must be a respectful young athlete to both fellow competitors and officials

The Nomination deadline is February 3rd, 2014. Please send all nominations back to wbcbarefoot@gmail.com

The worthy recipient will be announced in March at the 2014 World Championships in Australia. The selected junior will also receive one FREE week of barefoot lessons at the World Barefoot Center in Winter Haven, FL.

We look forward to receiving and reviewing all the nominees. Please forward this email to any contacts in your Region that we have missed.


Keith, David, Swampy, Ben & Ashleigh

Team WBC

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