Note of Thanks from Pat and Derek Koch

To the MN Barefoot Club (MBC) and the American Barefoot Club (ABC), Doug’s sudden and untimely death has, of course, been devastating to us; however equally shocking to us is your overwhelming support and dedication to his memory. Doug no longer has the ability to speak verbally; however, if he could he would probably tell you the following joke:

“Did I tell you about the guy who looked for a pair of barefoot water skis? Well, of course, the guy searched and searched for a pair of barefoot water skis but could not find them because the sport of barefooting does not use physical skis, but instead the guy found everlasting barefoot love… a priceless gift.”

Then after Doug dies and goes to heaven he was able to actually find real barefoot skis and responds, “So THIS is what heaven calls barefoot water skis?” Doug’s response was, “On earth we do not call them barefoot skis. We call them wings.”

Our last report indicates that Doug has initiated a new initiative in heaven called, “Wings for new Barefoot Skiers.” It is our hope that his initiative from heaven is as successful as it was on earth.

Love and grateful thanks to all of you!

Pat and Derek Koch

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