The International Barefoot Water-ski Association


The IBA is an independent organization dedicated to promoting and growing Barefoot Water-Ski as both a sport and a recreational pursuit across the globe.   We are a global body of passionate barefooters working for the future of the sport. We aim to engage with barefoot water-ski fans, supporters, officials and skiers across the spectrum of tournament, endurance, freestyle, recreational and beyond.

The IBA’s vision is to empower the sport of Barefoot Water-skiing to progress and evolve from both a governance perspective as well as the development and provision of infrastructure. This will enable organizers the ability and the freedom to capitalize on opportunities to grow the sport, provide sponsors with value returns, and skiers opportunities to showcase and test their skills.

The IBA is the leading source for skiers, events, and competitive standards with the purpose of supporting the varying Barefoot Waterski disciplines of Three Event, Endurance (relay and figure 8) Freestyle as well as the recreational Weekend Warrior.

Meet the team Building the dream


Lee Stone – USA

 codyCody Heller – USA

Rob Groen -New Zealand


Rob Molenkamp – The Netherlands


Randal Meikle – New Zealand


Keith St. Onge – U.S.A.

Click to Visit the International Barefoot Water-ski Association’s Official Web Page 



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