College scholarships for Barefooters: Deadline March 15


Everybody could use a little more money for college.  So if you are a barefooter who will be attending college during the 2015-16 school year, the USA Water Ski Foundation has a $1500/year scholarship available just for you!

The  Jennifer Odom/Dave Kammerer Scholarship is only awarded to  barefooters.  But there are also several other scholarships available from the foundation.   Some are for show skiers, some for stick skiers and then there’s the  Banana George Blair Ambassador Scholarship that’s awarded to the student who is just a good, all-around ambassador of watersports.   For more Information, please go to

There is one, simple online application form for all scholarships, you’ll need to write a short essay, submit transcripts and get two letters of recommendation so get started NOW!  Don’t wait until the last minute.  I help review the applications and I can always tell when they have been submitted at the last minute.  Seriously, DO IT NOW!

Again, the deadline is March 15.  Last year’s winner was Matthew Martin, but maybe you’re the one to give Matthew a “barefoot”  run for the money this year!

Contact Betsy with any questions

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