It’s the Summer Award season!!!!

I know there is a barefooter in your region or on your lake who is deserving of recognition.Please send your nominations to by July 20
To get you thinking… here are the four awards given out at Nationals:

Stew MacDonald Lifetime Achievement Award-
This award is given annually to recognize the person(s) who has contributed to the sport of barefooting for at least ten years. The award recipient is someone who has distinguished himself/herself above and beyond all other individuals in serving the sport.

Jennifer Renee Odom Spirit Award-
Candidates must be junior barefooters (16 years and under) who
display a spirit of helpfulness, a positive attitude, enthusiasm, the ability to get along well with other skiers and officials, good sportsmanship, and a willingness to share positive experiences with peers. Candidates do not necessarily have to be champion skiers.

Banana George Barefooter of the Year-
This award is given annually to a person or organization in recognition of accomplishments, contributions and service to the sport of barefoot-waterskiing both on and or off the water over the past year. The recipient represents a true ambassador to our sport.

Barefoot Community Award

This award recognizes the quiet champions who build the sport of barefoot waterskiing at the grassroots level. They are the men and women who have spent countless hours being unofficial ambassadors of barefooting on their lake and in their communities. They talk about barefooting, do it, teach it and inspire the next generation… all without asking for gas money.


For more info and past recipients, click here.


One comment

  1. How can a get one of the ABC red, white, & blue decals for my MasterCraft? Would love to advertise for the Club!

    Thank You!!
    Ski Ya Later!!


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