2016 ABC ScheduleWe hope the schedule below will be helpful as skiers  are planning for the 2016 season in the USA. If you have more questions please use the blue hyperlinks below.  If you have other events (or additions and corrections) please contact email, Brian Heeney.   Click for Online Tournament Registration 
Date Tournament Contact Phone 4/23/16 PGA Season Opener
West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida Jim Forster
Betsy Gilman 703 899-9650
770 653-7859 6/5-6/16 2016 UBC
TerraMare Lakes Crosby, TX Dan Cummings 832-654-4984 6/18/16 BBB & MN State Barefoot Championships
Pioneer Lake, Center City MN Paul Adams 612-710-3921 6/18/15 Mystic Lakes Footfest
Maize, KS Clay Bourbonnais 316-304-2323 6/25/16 Montana Barefoot Championship
Helena, MT Brian Heeney 406-461-3832 6/25/16 2016 Cooler By The LakeTwo Rivers, WI  54241 Mike Molepske 920-946-5833 6/25/2016 2016 Jim Boyette Southern Regionals
Location TBA Betsy Gilman 770 653-7859 6/27/15 Ben Groen Clinic,  Helena, MT Brian Heeney 406-461-3832 7/09-10/16 Silverado Barefoot Challenge
Adna, WA Doug Jordan 425-221-2498 7/09-10/16 2016 Midwest Regional Championships
Blue Moo Lake, Alma Center Wisconsin Paul Adams 612-710-3921 7/16-17/16 Western Regional Barefoot Tournament
Helena, MT Brian Heeney 406-461-3832 7/15-16/16 2016 South Central Regional Tournament
Barefoot Ski Ranch, Waco, TX Jimmy Taurus 512-468-1661 7/23/16 NH Barefoot Bonanza – Eastern Regionals
Pemigewassett RiverPemi Shore, Franklin NH Don Stoppe 603 968-4478 8/02-06/16 2016 US Barefoot Nationals Championships
Blue Moo Lake, Alma Center Wisconsin Brian Heeney 406-461-3832 8/5-7/15 Canadian Barefoot Nationals
Dream Lake, Napanee Ontario Becky 705-920-0175 8/13-20/16 2016 World Barefoot Championships
Blue Moo Lake, Alma Center Wisconsin Cody Heller 715-896-2301
2016 World Championship Independent Qualifying ScoresThe table below are the Independent qualifying scores for the 2016 World Championships. See rule 2003 for all the details.  This event is also going to be hosted at  2016 World Championship at the Blue Moo in Alma Center, Wisconsin.     2016 World Championship Qualifying scores   Women   Men   Slalom Tricks Jump   Slalom Tricks Jump Junior 2.90 470 8.0   8.40 1430 18.1 Open 9.00 1760 10.4   15.40 5600 22.8 Seniors 3.60 680 8.0   14.30 2270 11.4 *American skiers must also meet Rule USA220 to be eligible to ski the World Championships.
Tournament SoftwareIf you are looking for the most current version of Barefoot Scoring Program please request a copy by contacting Brian Heeney.  The major update this year is the ability to post score on the internet so all athletes and spectators can view the results immediately.   The result can be viewed on cell phones, tablets and computer as soon as the result are scored at the end of the lake.

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