2016 World Rule Changes






303: Slalom & Trick Event

  • Slalom Handle. The 38cm tournament supplied handle shall be the default handle for the slalom event. If they desire, the skier may request a 30cm handle before the start of the pass. [1007(0)].

405: Disallowed Jump & Registered Fall

Note: the penalty for a greater than 90 degree tumble turn recovery before BSP has been recognized has been removed.

709: Reverse Tricks

  1. E) Opposite Foot/Hand. The reverse of a one-foot, one-foot hop, rope-in-teeth one-foot, rope-on-neck one-foot, rope-on-foot, rope on foot turn, sit down-stand up one-foot, wave, one-foot-wave, or tumble-turn one-foot trick shall be on the opposite foot/hand.

711: Precursory Tricks

  1. One-Foot. When executing a one-foot or a one-foot-wave trick, if the skier makes any movement toward a hope, one-foot-wave, rope-on-foot, or one foot turn, then that one-foot or one-foot-wave trick shall not be credited as a trick, regardless of the success or failure of the subsequent trick.
  2. When executing a wave trick, if the skier makes any movement towards any other trick then that wave trick shall not be credited as a trick, regardless of the success or failure of the subsequent trick.
  3. Continuing to Hold. Continuing to hold one-foot, wave or one-foot wave BSP after completing any trick shall never be paid as a one-foot, wave or one-foot-wave trick, regardless of the success or failure of the previous trick.

801: General Pass Tricks

  1. One Foot-Wave. From either backward or forward two-foot BSP the skier shall simultaneously display one-foot BSP and a wave trick. The lifted foot contacting the rope shall not disallow the trick.Note placing the foot into the toe strap is prohibited See Rule 711.
  2. Tumbleturns
  3. D) The initial direction of rotation shall establish the creditable direction of the tumble turn.

2001: Nationality
Each Federation shall certify to the WBC that all team and independent skiers meet the qualifications set out in the IWWF Rules of Eligiblity. These rules can be found at: http://www.worldbarefootcouncil.com/rules.php.

2201: Chief Officials

  1. A) Nomination Deadline. No later than nine months prior to the World Championships, Confederations or WBC members shall submit nominations in the form of a resume to the Secretary of the WBC for the positions of Chief Judge, Assistant Chief Jude, Chief Scorer, Assistant Chief Scorer, Chief Driver, Chief video Operator, Homologator and Tournament Director.

2202: Appointed Judges, Scorers and Drivers

  1. Quantities of Appointed Officials.
  • Single Lake Sites. On single lake sites in addition to the Lead Officials, there shall be 9 Appointed Judges, 2 Appointed Drivers and 1 Appointed Scorer.
  • Two Lake Sites. For two lake sites, additional officials shall come from each of the three confederations. The numbers of officials shall be based on the site and other considerations determined by the CJ, LOC and WBC Chairman. The Chief Judge shall appoint one of the Appointed Judges as Assistant Chief Judge of the second lake.
  1. Each Confederation may provide a Reserve Judge, Scorer and Driver for replacement(s) as deemed necessary by the Chief Judge. Whenever possible the Reserve, if used, shall come from the Confederation where the vacancy is.

2301: Appointments

  1. Video Operators. The host Federation of a World Championship shall appoint a minimum of three suitably experienced Video Operators who shall be responsible to the Chief Video Operator. Six operators shall be appointed on two lake sites.
  2. Video Camera. A video camera shall be used to make a permanent record of all events.
  3. The WBC shall own the official video recordings of the championships. Any reproduction or broadcasting requires the approval of the WBC.

2302: Availability

  1. B) Available to IWWF. For this purpose, the original or a good copy shall be made available, free of charge, on-site to the IWWF for internal use and marketing.

Visit WorldBarefootCouncil.com for complete World Rules

Click here for PDF version.


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