William P. Farrell inducted into the Waterski Hall of Fame

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My Dear Friends,

It is truly an honor to be nominated by my peers and accepted by the Board of Directors into the Water Ski Hall of Fame for 2016.

As the 73rd Inductee to the H.O.F., the reality of such a distinction far exceeds my dreams . To accompany two legends of the barefoot world, George Blair and Stew McDonald, is Special. Even more inspiring is to accompany my fellow teammates Mike Seiple,Ron Scarpa,Lori Powell-Drell and Jennifer Calleri in the Hall of Fame.

I would like to honor all that I have come in contact with in the barefoot fellowship for their role in my life. I hope that you too feel special and a part of our Big night.

It is my intention to continue to give-back and support the individuals and the sport that I have come to Love w/ a purposeful passion. To that point, I will continue to be involved in our local, national and world level events so that others may enjoy the rewarding experiences of our great sport.

Your footin’ pal,

William P. Farrell

Happy Spring Everyone! For those that didn’t know and those that are aware, next Saturday Willie Farrell will be inducted into the Waterski Hall of Fame. This is a great honor for an even better man and ambassador for our sport. Willy has asked me to forward the following comments to the membership of the ABC.

If you get the chance please reach out and congratulate Willy for this amazing achievement.

Cody Heller


  1. Congratulations from Brian Rourke Florida Water Sports 1984-1998. You always were fun, dedicated, and passionate about our sport. “Foot” called to say hello just yesterday from Down under. Please have fun at your banquet! I know you will!


    1. Brother Brian, Glad to know that you are Well and I do sincerely appreciate your friendship. Please know that you are Welcome when you venture out west to California. Now get-out-here…


  2. Congrats, William from Scott Gibert, a fellow “Bayou Buggie Barefooter” ripping up the Southern Back Waters with trot lines, cypress knees and gaters making Stump Jumping that much more fun.


    1. Could NOT have done it without you and your unending Support! Forever indebted to you, my feet-skiing friend. Love ya like a Brother…


  3. Congratulations Willy. You know we all love you here in Australia and you have always been a great ambassador to our sport we love so much. I am thrilled you have been nominated, and accepted, because if anyone deserves this prestigious honour it is William P Farrell. Well done buddy.


    1. Kelvin, you da man! Many fond memories of time spent with you and your countrymen. I Welcome the opportunity to return the favors which you extended to me/us in our younger days. Business, or pleasure, just get over here…


  4. Congratulations William! Every time I’m on the Tchefunta River, I am reminded of the day we were trying to pull five of us behind Billy Shepard’s Nautique right in front of Covington Country Club! We thought we were so bad!!! Congrats again!!!


    1. Dem was da days! Hope you are still enjoying feet-skiing! Your footin’ friend, Bayou Boogie Barefooter.


  5. Congrads Willie great job. Thanks for opening the gates to fish for Robert Butt and I. All the best Don Sutherland


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