2017 is going to be an EPIC year for barefoot water skiing!

Hello Barefoot Nation!

Spring is here and we are all ready to get our feet wet!

lakegrew2016barefootregionalsThe American Barefoot Club Board of Directors has been busy off the water this winter and I wanted to share the news!  I have been trying to give updates on Barefoot.org and on the ABC Facebook Page but here’s the full story on why 2017 is going to be EPIC!

New Competitive Divisions – We talked about this at the membership meeting at the 2016 Nationals, we did a survey in November and at the end of December… the new competitive divisions were approved!

2017 Divisions

It should be fun to mix it up on the dock!  Some things to remember:

  • Between 18-59, Men and Women will ski in ability-based divisions
  • Age divisions remain for Juniors 17 & under and Seniors 60 & over.
  • Veteran Alert: If you are 60+, you can choose to ski with your new age division OR ability based divisions.  You just need to decide when you sign up for the tournament.
  • Records remain with the old age divisions.

A Nationals Schedule was posted in The Water Skier Magazine and online that lists the ability-based divisions as Mens 1, 2, 3 Womens 1, 2 and Boys/Girls 1 & 2. We had to change the15823467_10100121246822855_5200217267614994142_n name of those divisions because we are keeping the old records format and it would be confusing.  So Mens 1 becomes Mens A and Mens 2 becomes Mens B, etc.  Basically we are just switching out the numbers for letters. Let me know if you have questions, but nothing else has changed.

All the changes to the ABC rules are included in the 2017 Rulebook which Brian Heeney and Mark Shank worked on tirelessly! Thanks guys!

ABC Badge Pilot Program – Landen Ehlers is leading the charge to bring back the old Barefoot Badges.  The South Central Region will be piloting this and we will talk more about it ABC Member Patch 2017-1 at Nationals.  Send all of your suggestions to Landen!

On the left is a “Concept Badge” from Ken Reynolds!  It will be a fun way to get Barefooters who don’t compete in tournaments to get involved in the ABC. Stay tuned!


@American_Barefoot_Club Instagram – At this writing we are at 423 Followers since we kicked it off in February.  Check out all the photos and videos of barefooters of the past, present and future!  You can also check out the Instagram feed on Barefoot.org!

That’s the biz for now!  Let me know if you have any questions! Betsybarefoots@aol.com

#BarefootNation #ExpectEPIC




  1. I like The embroidered patch we sold them at one time. I don,t understand master footer Suggest competitor skier supporter or just plain barefooter The more we PR the sport in any way is good


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