5th Annual Aggie Barefoot Day a HUGE Success


Barefooters are usually a rare sight on any body of water— but barefoot water skiing took over the Pedernales River, near Austin, Texas on Saturday.

And now, 20 Texas A&M Students can truly walk on water.

The Austin Barefoot Club hosted the 5th Annual Aggie Barefoot Day with three boats, eight instructors, free food and a bunch of fun. Club President Landen Ehlers started the Aggie Barefoot Day when he was a member of the Texas A&M Waterski Team back in 2012.

“I created this event as a way to introduce young men and women to the sport of barefooting during a time of their lives many people turn away from watersports,” says Ehlers who also serves on the American Barefoot Club’s Board of Directors.20170429_080436(0)(1)

Six of the students who learned to barefoot on Aggie Barefoot Day have gone on to compete in regional and national barefoot tournaments.  And one young woman who learned to barefoot at that very first event, competed at the 2016 World Barefoot Championships. 

Ehlers is fired up on Aggie Barefoot Day and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

“Big Thanks to everyone who helped out, and for anyone who has been asked how we grow the sport of barefooting… this is it!!!!”


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