2017 Midwest Regionals a global event

Alma Center, Wisconsin once again hosted an international group of barefoot water skiers for the 2017 Midwest Regional Championships. About 35 competitors from around the globe gathered at the Blue Moo for the highly anticipated event. Conditions were great to start out the day, but slowly the water chipped up.danb

Fortunately, the Chief Judge (Joe Knapp), Chief Scorer (Mike Molepske) and Chief Boat Driver (Scott Stouffer) ran a tight ship and we had time built in the schedule for a short delay. After the water calmed back down the Boys and Girls were able to get on the water and all but one finished before a light shower moved in. Once the rain moved out it also pulled the wind with it to the nine jumpers delight for which they now had perfect conditions.20046647_1942135062727741_1814907009157784607_n

The highlight skiing achievement was Sarah Molepske breaking into open women. After coming close to the 1600 point mark in many previous tournaments, Sarah roared past that and scored a 1760 in Tricks. Congrats Sarah!

Minnesota’s Terrific Twin Footers, Martin and Orval Cyr entertained everyone with the only Tower starts of the Tournament. Ya, the nine-year-old twins put on a tower start clinic.

Everyone was treated to the always entertaining conversation on the dock with Brendan Paige of Australia who is traveling the U.S. doing clinics this summer. Did you know Brendan can whistle and hum at the same time? Just ask him.

Ben Groen from New Zealand /Florida had been in Minnesota and came over to ski before heading to another clinic. Ben helped out immensely judging in the boat, scoring and driving pick up boat. Ben won the International Slalom and Brendan won the International Trick event.19984047_1249945695132107_1521568505493107392_o
Thank you to Doug Bohn and Rick Meskers for manning the grill and providing a barbacue dinner for everyone.

Thanks to Chief Video Max Adams for putting up an un-edited version of the runs on youtube found here (no audio): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZ8HCOeXiZM

Submitted by Paul Adams, Legendary Midwest Regional Director

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