2017 Michigan Barefoot Open makes a Splash with new barefooters!

The Michigan Barefoot Open is back!  Jim and Alex Youngblood organized and brought back the popular tournament after an absence of five years. The tournament resulted in many entry level skiers, boom division,  personal bests, and worlds qualifiers.

novice.jpgNovice skiers Jason Kadlec, Mike White, Jack Aman and Matt Aman footed at their first tournament. All of them scored in tricks and slalom. Jason placed 2nd in Men’s C with Mike 3rd.  Nolan Bailey and Luke Amen competed in the boom division and are heading to be long line before we know it.

We were excited for their success and can’t wait to see them at more tournaments!

jrgirls.jpgGirl power! Jr Skiers, Lexi McCauley, Alex Youngblood and Ryleigh Stenson all end the summer with personal bests and as well as Women B skier, Elizabeth Davison and Women A skier, Jenny Blake.  Lexi tricked 5300 becoming the 3rd female in the World to break 5,000 points.

Jim Youngblood qualified in tricks for the 2018 Worlds in Canada!
We were also fortunate Jeff Smith (a former USA National Champion barefooter) and wife Patti Smith (a former World Championship level barefoot Driver)  shared their piece of heaven to host the Michigan Barefoot Tournament.

Submitted by Tina McCauley, Chief Scorer and all-around cool chick!




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