Texas goes BIG on the Pedernales River in final tournament of the season

When the South Central Region decides to have a tournament— they like to GO BIG… just like Texas. And do it all from a pontoon!

The 2017 Pedernales River Open was held the final weekend of September and we had an enthusiastic group of 14 competitors who enjoyed the fun and excellent weather.  Being on open water presented a challenge, but we made it work “Old School” by anchoring a pontoon boat in a quiet part of the river.  We used the boat for a staging area and for flying dock (“flying boat”) starts.  We had two barefooters participating in their first tournament, including Doug Peterson who won the Men’s C Slalom, Trick and Overall divisions. Our other newcomer, Pat Hamill, placed third in both Men’s C events.  Welcome to the #BarefootNation Doug and Pat!

Our group included two out of region skiers, Ariana Koehler from the Midwest and Brett Swanbom from the South.  We also enjoyed having Ed Finley from the South with us to assist with our homologation. He is the master!  Thanks Ed!

The “pick and choose” format worked very well, adding to the fun and efficiency at the tournament.  When not competing, several barefooters got in some endurance practice, tuning up for the 30th Annual Austin Dam to Dam Race.  We hope to see everyone there on November 4th for the biggest and best barefoot race in the country!  Go Texas!

Submitted by Mark Shank, South Central Regional Director and Tournament Director


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