Women Rule the Water at Women’s Week

Judy Myers wants more women to get out on the water and go barefoot!

For more than nine years, the 74-year-old human spark plug has brought women of all Judy-footinages, all skill levels and all walks of life into the sport of barefoot water skiing at Women’s Week at the World Barefoot Center, in Winter Haven, Florida.

Barefoot water skiing and supporting women are a passion for Judy who is the oldest woman in the world still competing in the extreme sport of barefoot water skiing.

The women who attend Women’s Week include all skill levels from recreational barefooters and weekend warriors to serious show skiers and barefoot competitors.  Everyone is welcome to join the fun!  And it is super fun!

“When we all get together, just women, we can be ourselves we don’t have to worry about taking care anyone, we can just take care of us,” says Judy who has even been credited with getting World Champion Keith St. Onge’s mother barefooting for the first time.

It all started when Judy and her Barefoot BFFs wanted to get together to ski together outside tournaments.  Joann O’Connor of Wisconsin, Claudia Landon of Idaho and Judy had all competed together in the 60+ age divisions of the American Barefoot Club.

When those three women got together in Florida, more women followed. And then, even more. At least 50 women from all over the country and the world have gathered over the years at Women’s Week to learn, laugh and generally have a blast.    One year, a woman even pawned her wedding rings from her first marriage to travel to Florida for Women’s Week.

Ladies on boat-03
The 2017 Women’s Week Crew

“Women want each person to do their best and they cheer each other on,” says Judy who finds that women are more comfortable trying new things on the water when men aren’t around.

“It’s a completely different boat without men.  We encourage each other, talk about women’s stuff and I think the instructors learn a lot,” says Judy.

Women’s Week has evolved over the years from an entire week to a four-day weekend event.  Women can come for just a day or the duration.  It’s usually held each October, but Judy is considering changing things up in 2018 with a possible springtime clinic or even a different location.

For more information about the next Women’s Week and how you can be part of the fun, reach out to Judy at oldbarefooter@mac.com



  1. Great article! I always have a blast at Women’s Week! It’s a great group of women – so inspiring and encouraging! Can’t wait for next year!

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