SafeSport: Protecting Barefoot Waterskiing

The American Barefoot Club is part of USA Water Ski & Wake Sports which is part of the U.S. Olympic Committee. In the wake of the USA Gymnastics Sexual Abuse Scandal, all sports disciplines (including the American Barefoot Club) have to comply with Safesport Guidelines.  I took the training last month and it is similar to training from the YMCA or Boy Scouts.  I found it very worthwhile for coaches, athletes and parents… and it’s free if you are a member of USA Water Ski.  Thanks for protecting our sport!  -Betsy

Please take the time to review the following from Bob Crowley, President of USA Water Ski & Wake Sports:

As mandated by the USOC audit of the USA Water Ski and Wake Sports (USA-WSWS) Safe Sport program, USA-WSWS and its sport disciplines require that individuals formally authorized, approved, or appointed to a position of authority over or who would have frequent contact with athletes complete criminal background checks and the SafeSport education and training requirements.


The below listed individuals MUST be SafeSport Certified and undergo Criminal Background Screening prior to participating in the follow capacities within USA-WSWS and any Sport Discipline.

  1. International Teams Personnel – Managers, Coaches, Directors, Medical and Support Staff
  2. USA-WSWS Certified Coaches and Instructors
  3. NSSA Club/Team Show Directors and Assistant Directors
  4. Junior Development coaches, instructors and program leadership
  5. (Recommended but not mandated) At least one person in a position of leadership/authority within every Club/Team should be SafeSport certified.

Criminal Background Screening includes the investigation and review of various consumer reports and law enforcement/public records including, but not limited to, the items listed below:

  • Criminal History Check
  • Sex Offender Registry Check
  • Social Security Number Check (to confirm identity)
  • Address Checks (to determine which state records to access)


    The below listed individuals should be aware of the SafeSport program and be familiar with signs of abuse and with what is proper and improper behavior. SafeSport certification is encouraged but not required. SafeSport certification is encouraged but not required.

  1. USA-WSWS and Sport Discipline Board Directors
  2. USA WSWS/Teams – Officers, Board Directors, Show Act captains, Volunteers
  3. International Team Athletes
  4. USA-WSWS and Sport Discipline Officials
  5. Athletes and Parents

How you can get SafeSport Certification:

SafeSport Certification and Criminal Background Screening Procedure for USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Members

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Member/Club Log In
  3. Log into the Members Only site with Member Number and password
  4. Click on SafeSport Certification
  5. There is a link on that page and an Access Token that will allow you to register for the course at no charge.

Once you enter the Access Token, click on the “register” button and complete the information to create your account. Once the account is created, you can access the SafeSport course.

  • There are three sections/videos to the course – 1) Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education; 2) Mandatory Reporting; and 3) Emotional & Physical Misconduct. All parts must be completed to become SafeSport certified.
  • You can start and finish any of the sections at any time. The system will remember where you left off.
  • You will need sound capabilities (speaker, headphones, etc.).
  • You cannot skip ahead or fast forward.
  • Each section lasts approximately 30 minutes.
  • There is a pre-test and a post-test for each section. If you do not pass the post-test you can go back and re-take it.
  • You can download a certificate after successfully completing each section and the entire course. USA-WSWS only needs a copy of the final certificate. You can email it to or print it out and fax it (863-325-8259).
  • SafeSport certification must be completed every two years. The Center for SafeSport will create a refresher course for those who have been previously certified.
  • There is NO COST for USA Water Ski & Wake Sports members.

    Criminal Background Screening

    All requiring criminal background screening must be at last 18 years old, have a valid social security number and a current member of USA Water Ski & Wake Sports.

    1. Go to
    2. Click on Member/Club Log In
    3. Log into the Members Only site with Member Number and password
    4. Click on Criminal Background Screening

    When you click on the Purchase and Authorize Criminal Background Screening link, the system will verify that you meet the requirements noted herein, process your payment and display your receipt with a link to take you to our third-party screening agency’s Web site to authorize screening. You must complete the authorization to complete the process. Results will take 3-5 business days. USA-WSWS will receive a pass/fail using the criteria that has been established with the screening company and will notify you of results via e-mail.

  • •The cost is $22.50 every two years. Criminal background screens must be completed every two years.
  • For International Team Personnel, the cost will be billed to the appropriate sport discipline.
  • Background screening will be provided by contacting
    For Certified Coaches or Instructors, the individual will pay the cost within the overall certification fees. Signing up for coaches’ certification can be done in the Members Only section

If you have any questions or access issues, please contact Sandy Hardee at USA-WSWS at or call (863) 874-5681 or (863) 324-4341 Ext 126.


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