Record breaking day on the PGA Canal in South Florida

David Small was just one of the barefooters living large on the PGA Canal Saturday.

Two dozen barefooters gathered on the shore of Chomper’s old stomping grounds to ski three rounds in Jim Forster’s legendary pick-and-choose tournament.  And the butter-calm water of the PGA Canal did not disappoint.

David Small is proving the old English gators never lose their bite.  Smallz set a pending World Record in Tricks of 12,950 and then did a side slide past the crowd for some extra style points.

“Great skiing,” says Chief Judge Dale Stevens, “I really liked the 360 line steps without a bit of hesitation.” Check out the video below.


IMG_5805Carol Jackson showed the barefoot world she is still “Queen of the PGA” setting a pending Womens 6 Wake Slalom Record of 5.8.  Last year, she had set the record she broke this year at, yes, PGA!

“I have been skiing and riding horses… but I do love to barefoot,” says Jackson who still has not decided if she will be skiing the 2018 Barefoot World Championships in Canada.

Ben Groen once again set a pending New Zealand Tricks Record of 12,080 points.  That record will be sent to the Land of Long White Cloud for hopefully a Short Record Review.

img_5800.jpgAnd as always, there were more Personal Best Performances at PGA than gators including: Brice Storman hitting 16 in Open Mens Wake Slalom. Oh yea, now he is in the Open Pro Division… where Jackson Gerard scored a 19!!! Look out KSO… the young ones are coming!

Ryan Gilman scored an 8.7 in Mens B Wake Slalom and Lenny “The Machine” Tremblay scored 7.1 in Super Veteran Mens Wake Slalom and he is 81!


Brett Swanbom racked up 1820 points in Boys B Tricks.  Wayne King hit 1090 points in Veteran Men Tricks.

Cheyenne Helton skied her first tournament and we can’t wait to see what she does at Summer Splash.

Some big things were happening in the boat crew at PGA too!  Barefoot Dave Miller returned to the driver’s seat after a long absence!  He is still a super smooth driver… one of the world’s best!  We will see him again at Eastern Regionals in July!


Huge thanks to Bruce Walter and his Bumblebee Sanger for pulling the tournament.  To Lenny Tremblay and Brad Henderson for driving Brad’s boat as the pick-up boat.  And a massive thanks to Jim Forster for hosting an incredible tournament!  No one wanted to leave!

The next Tournament is Summer Splash at Lake Grew in Polk City on May 5.  Sign up here!  And get out there and support your local tournaments today!




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