Montana State Tournament: Great Barefooting in Cold Weather

By Easton Olsen and Brian Heeney

The 2018 Montana State Barefoot Championships was held in Helena, Montana on June 23th and 24th.  It featured skiers from three countries and six states.  Including world class skiers such as:

  • Joe Lovato 2016 Senior Worlds Bronze medal in Slalom
  • Georgia Groen 2016 Women World Champion
  • Keenan Derry 2012 Overall Junior World Champion
  • Stefan Lippelgoos  2016 Boys 3 National Champion
  • Michael Caruso  2001 Junior World Champion
  • Mike Brisco 2016 Mens 7 Gold medal in Trick
  • Easton Olsen 2016 U.S. Boys Overall National Champion
  • Brian Heeney 2006 Silver Medal in Tricks at the Senior World ChampionshipDSCN2686

The weather conditions were tough with the temperatures in the 50’s and the wind out of the west at 20 to 25 mph.  We had to ski between storms and the cool weather was tough on everyone. Highlights included Michael Caruso Jumping three personal bests (22.6 meters) and Georgia Groen jumping two personal bests (21.1 Twice).

Also we had Keenan Derry from Australia who missed a toe up but doesn’t fold under the pressure and tricked 9950!    Short after, in tricks we had Easton Olsen at the age of 12 went out and tricked 1600 points and made his first Back To Front out of time!

All the scores can be found here!

There is going to be a training camp in Helena all week with all the skiers listed above and the weather is going to back in the 80’s.

Thanks to all the barefooters and volunteers! The next tournament is in beautiful Adna, Washington at Lake Silverado… sign up here! Support your local tournament!

Story Submitted by Easton Olsen and Brian Heeney

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