Happy New Year! Let’s honor the barefoot accomplishments of 2018 while we flip into 2019!

Happy New Year Barefoot Nation!  I just wanted to give you a little update as we head into 2019!

2018 was an incredible year for Team USA!  At the World Barefoot Championships in Canada, the Junior and Senior Barefoot Teams became World Champions again with the leadership of Jackson Gerard, Lexi McCauley, Rachel Normand and Jason Lee.

The Elite Team captured the silver medal with the incredible Keith St. Onge leading the way.  Many national and world records were left in their wake.


So it’s not surprising many American Barefoot Club Athletes will be honored later this month at the USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Winter Annual Awards!

American Barefoot Club Awards (chosen by the ABC Board of Directors)

IMG_8958Female Athlete of the Year: Rachel Normand

Male Athlete of the Year: Keith St. Onge

Coach of the Year: Jason Lee

Rising Super Star: Ryleigh Stenson

Volunteer of the Year: Tina McCauley

The American Barefoot Club also dominated the USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Annual Awards.

These awards are given to the best of the best from all nine towed water sports governed by USAWSWS.  There are eight awards and ABC Athletes won half of them!

USA Waterski & Wake Sports Awards images

Male Athlete of the Year: Keith St. Onge

Junior Athlete of the Year: Jackson Gerard

Coach of the Year: Jason Lee

Volunteer of the Year: Tina McCauley

If you would like to attend the awards banquet on Saturday January 26, 2019, 6pm buy your tickets here.

2019 Water Ski & Wake Sports Hall of Fame

Three barefooters are also being inducted into the USA Water Ski Hall of Fame on April 27, 2019: Don Mixon, Lane Bowers and John Cornish.

If you would like to attend, Buy your tickets here.

2019 Barefoot Nationals

The 2019 Barefoot Nationals will be held at the Blue Moo in Alma Center, Wisconsin August 22-24.


The Team USA Select Committee is planning on holding a 2020 Team Trials at the Blue Moo on August 25.  So if you want to be selected for a team… plan now on being at Nationals!

Andrew Martin and Mike Molepske are the Tournament Organizers and we hope to have some incredible live streaming available for everyone to enjoy the incredible skiing!

Stay tuned for 2019 Rule changes and Ranking lists…so we can all know what independent qualifying scores will be for the 2020 World Barefoot Championships.

That’s the biz…. Please support barefoot waterskiing by attending or hosting a local tournament.  As always, contact your ABC regional director with any questions…. and you know where to find me!

-Betsy Gilman, ABC President





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