Australia is inviting all American Barefooters to honor Pete Taylor and tune up for the World Championships in a Cash Prize Tournament!

By Nigel Crisp

The late Aussie Barefooter Pete Taylor is being honored in an incredible cash prize tournament on the glassy water of Dimboola, Victoria, Australia. We would like all American barefooters to come join the fun and raise money for the Wimmera Cancer Centre.

Wimmera River
Tournament will be held on Wimmera River… looks a little chippy.. NOT!

The Peter Taylor Memorial Tournament will be held March 27-28, 2020… just two weeks before the 2020 World Barefoot Championships in Sydney and all Americans are invited to compete!  A traditional barefoot tournament will be held during the day… but on Saturday night we light up a 600-meter section of the Wimmera River for the Peter Taylor Memorial Night Jump!  Barefooters of any skill level to compete in one of Australia’s Premier Barefoot events with a $1000AU winning prize!

KSO & pete
Party Animal Pete Taylor and Young Keith St. Onge

Thousands of people are expected to watch the much-anticipated night jump event.  A DJ will be playing the tunes and a rather vocal commentator will add to an incredible party atmosphere. It’s a party worthy of Pete Taylor!  The night wraps up with fireworks show and of course, more fun!

Accommodations are just a two-minute walk to the ski site!  For more information and to register… Check out the Facebook Page


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