By Dicky Robertson

Spreading the Barefoot Gospel with the gators!

“Eight miles of glass” best describes the site. The West Pearl River Cut Off Canal in Southern Louisiana, if it were a golf course, it would be Augusta National or Pebble Beach. It is protected from wind by 30,000 acres of national forest. There is almost zero boat traffic.

Why are the waters called “magic waters?” Because whenever barefoot events are held on the Pearl,  footers set records and personal bests on the slick water.

That was the story when Barefooters from across the country gathered at the Pearl River for the South-Central Regional Championships and we did it all to remember Barefooter Dave Harper. We all still miss our friend. Click here for more about Dave!

Brody, Willie, Lauren, Blake and Landen on the dock!

A diverse group attended the tournament:
California – William Farrell
Wisconsin- Brody Meskers
Maryland- William Kutun
New Jersey – Sparky Wicks
Mississippi – Dicky Robertson and Robby Minyard
Chicago- Mark Varnes
Texas- The Ehlers, Lee Stone, Jimmy Taurus, Mark Shank, Jim Rollins, Austin K and Adrian Adams
Louisiana – Greg Daigrepont, Brad Ripp, Jake Ripp, Mike Harper, Mitch Hefner and Jeffrey Hefner.

The Austin Barefoot Ski Club ran a fabulous, friendly and efficient tournament as always(in spite of rain) and a high percentage of skiers stood up all four of their passes, consequently,  the competition was very tight across the board. Noteworthy was 65-year-old West Coast Willie Farrell tricking over 5000. While 18-year-old Brody Meskers tricked over 9000.

The Crew

Special thanks go to officials: Lauren Ehlers, Mark Shank, Jimmy Taurus, Blake Ehlers, Landen Ehlers, Jim Rollins, Adrian Adams and Lee Stone.

Thanks to Brad Ripp, Marnie Ripp, Doc Kutun, and Mark Varnes for hosting. Thanks to Greg Daigrepont for the delicious seafood gumbo and Doug Rogerson for all his hard work. We look forward to seeing you all at the Dam to Dam in Austin Texas in November.

Barefoot Heaven

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