2021 South Central Regional Championships

The South Central Region kicked off their tournament season with the 2021 South Central Regional Championships in Conroe, TX at the Stevenson Ski Ranch. This will also be the site for the 2021 Barefoot National Championships coming up in two weeks, August 5-7th. The Austin Barefoot Ski Club, the LOC for both tournaments, has been putting in some serious man* hours to prepare for Nationals, so throwing in a Regional Tournament got everyone away from their hammers and paint brushes long enough to get a ski run in!

The tournament started off with a generous breakfast sponsorship from Weikels Bakery, serving authentic Czech kolaches, sweet rolls, and Pigs-in-the-Blanket (PSA: kolache is often used as a misnomer for Pigs-in-the-Blanket). After filling our bellies, the first skier hit the water and the tournament commenced!

First off the dock, Open Women’s Tricks – Lauren Ehlers surprised the boat crew by executing the newest trick in the rulebook, a Rope-on-Foot Sit Down Stand Up. Next off the dock, Men’s B & C Tricks tore up the lake with tumbles, toe-holds, and falls. Philip Weikel, the kolache man himself, put his first ever points on the board in a Barefoot Waterskiing Competition! After a boat crew change, Open, Open Pro, and Men’s A Tricks & Slalom hit the dock for some stiff competition. Brett Swanbom and Landen Ehlers tied for 1st place in the Open Slalom event, Open Pro Tricks went to Brett, so that just left Open Jump to battle it out for Open Overall! Men’s A Slalom 1st place went to Jim Rollins, the old man has still got it, beating his now 30 year old son, Durant Rollins. Speaking of old men, the years keep coming, but somehow Blake Ehlers keeps fighting them off winning the Men’s A Trick event while sporting his 2020 Senior World Team wetsuit. Will Stevenson, a late entry but a short distance as a lake resident, joined the fun to drag, flail, and triumph down the lake!

Lunch was served and injuries were iced before starting the last event of the day – Jump. David Wheeler and Blake Ehlers went head to head for the Men’s A Jump title. VonL Adams boosted an inverted barrel roll, falling upside down and backwards, not on purpose! Brett Swanbom landed a safe and comfortable jump to get points on the board thinking he was competing against himself, however, his mouth got him in trouble when he trashed talked Big Dawg. Landen Ehlers dusted off his helmet from a 3 year hiatus to humble the young man and land a 18.2 meter jump to take 1st place in Open Men’s Jump! All of the excitement convinced Lauren Ehlers to step out from behind the judging computer and sail over the ramp herself, landing a new PB to become an Open Jumper!

The 2021 South Central Regionals may have had few skiers, but they were mighty fired up to get their feet wet with fellow comrades!

The LOC would like to thank our amazing hosts, the Stevenson family, and our extraordinary skier and non-skier volunteers. Allie Thomas kept us fed throughout the day, while Dee Ehlers took some amazing footage and compiled it into the beloved video below!

*man hours is being used as a general phrase, the women have been working hard too!

Tournament Placements:

Men’s Open Pro Tricks

  • Gold – Brett Swanbom
  • Silver – Landen Ehlers

Men’s Open Slalom

  • Gold (tied) – Landen Ehlers & Brett Swanbom
  • Bronze – Blake Ehlers

Open Men’s Overall – Brett Swanbom

Men’s A Tricks

  • Gold – Blake Ehlers

Men’s A Slalom

  • Gold – Jim Rollins
  • Silver – Durant Rollins

Men’s A Jump

  • Gold – David Wheeler
  • Silver – Blake Ehlers

Men’s A Overall – Blake Ehlers

Men’s B Tricks

  • Gold – David Wheeler
  • Silver – Lee Stone
  • Bronze – Durant Rollins

Men’s B Slalom

  • Gold – David Wheeler
  • Silver – VonL Adams
  • Bronze – Lee Stone

Men’s B Overall – David Wheeler

Men’s C Tricks

  • Gold – Philip Weikel
  • Silver – Mark Shank
  • Bronze – Will Stevenson

Men’s C Slalom

  • Gold – Philip Weikel
  • Silver – Mark Shank
  • Bronze – Will Stevenson

Men’s C Overall – Philip Weikel

Open Women’s Slalom, Tricks, Jump

  • Gold – Lauren Ehlers

Open Women’s Overall – Lauren Ehlers

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