2022 Barefoot Season kicks off strong in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

The PGA Season Opener is back! After a two-year pause for the legendary barefoot tournament, Jim Forster decided it was time to return to the glass calm waters of the PGA Canal in Palm Beach Gardens for some fun and footing on Saturday, April 30th.

“I have missed hosting this tournament and I have missed all the people of the barefoot nation,” says Jim, who had to sit out of the competition on Saturday because of a sore shoulder. “I don’t really care if I ski, I just like to see everyone else enjoy themselves and have fun in my favorite place to foot.”

It was a day for records and very few re-rides. Everyone, even the gators, seemed ready for the return of the PGA Tourney. LINK TO COMPLETE RESULTS

In the Boys A Division, Cameron Patton and Noah Kinnaman were on a mission to leave the age division behind. And did they ever. “Super Cam” skied into the Open Men’s Division with a 3160 in tricks!

Super Cam Patton Skied into Open Mens Division

Noah “The Incredible” scored a 14.1 in wake slalom, skiing into the Open Men’s Division. Noah also scored a 3310 in the first round to join the Open Men’s Division in tricks. But that was not enough. In the second round of tricks, Noah scored 5000 points putting him into the ranks of the Open Pro Men’s Division!

Noah Kinnaman, New Open & Open Pro Competitor

In just the second barefoot tournament of her whole life, “Photog and Phenom” Faith Dix skied into the Open Women’s division in Slalom with a score of 11.5 and in Tricks with 1950. Faith’s tricks score also set a pending Women’s 1 National record.

Perennial Champion Carol Jackson showed up to set a pending Womens 6 National Record of 1330 and score a solid 4.9 in wake slalom.

Carol Jackson gets ready to set a record

Son of New England, Lenny Tremblay paid a visit to the canal to celebrate his 83rd birthday and set a pending Men’s 10 National record of 3.025 in wake slalom. He may just be the oldest man to ever do a back deep start behind the boat! Al Hager finished close behind in the Super Veterans Men’s Division with a 2.5 in wake slalom.

Senior Men’s competitor Matt Ellis scored a personal best of 1150 in tricks and a 6.2 in wake slalom. “The Mighty Mo” Mike Molepske scored an 8.1 in wake slalom and a solid 1510 in tricks and then got in the boat to judge!

Eric Coryer dominated the Men’s A division with 1900 in tricks and an 11.3 in wake slalom. Zenon Bilas scored a 13 in Open Men’s Slalom. Brett Swanbom and Mikey Caruso battled it out in the Open Pro Men’s Division keeping it close in both rounds. LINK TO COMPLETE RESULTS

The PGA tourney also marked the debut of the Southern Region’s new 2007 Sanger DXII ! So much gratitude goes out to boat sponsors: Delray Beach Executive Suites, World Barefoot Center, Cooler by the Lake, Just Add Water Media, Ready Fitness, The Outdoor Lights, and Dave Callahan.

Southern Region Sanger

Massive thanks to Chief Judge Dale Stevens, Senior Judge Mike Molepkse, Ryan Gilman, Scotty Patton, Ben Groen, and of course, Jim Forster for bringing back our favorite tournament. Jim also covered the sanction fee, boat gas, water, and lunch so all proceeds could go to the Southern Region Boat! Thanks JIM FORSTER!!!!!!

Join us May 21 for the Summer Splash on beautiful Lake Grew in Polk City, Florida!


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