Banana George Blairfoot Bananza Figure 8 raises $4000 for College Scholarship

The final numbers are in for the 2022 Banana George Blair Bananza, which took place the last weekend of October on Lake Silver in Winter Haven, Florida! We raised more than $4000 for the USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Foundation Banana George Blair Ambassador College Scholarship!

Massive Thanks to the 15+ members of the George Blair Family for attending and donating George Memorabilia for the online auction and awards! 

HUGE thanks to our sponsors: Visit Central Florida, World Barefoot Center, Lance Smith Plumbing, Just Add Water Media, GeeGee Blair, Donna Blair, Robin Blair, Carrie Blair, John Cornish, The Jersey Boys, Lance’s Mom, Dave Dershimer and the Cypress Gardens Water Ski Team. Special thanks to Rob Scott for donating the new Bracket Boards and Chuck Bender for the Banana man!

We could not have done it without the hard work of Tim Collette, Justin Landers, Lance Smith, Dad Caruso, Trey Edwards, Faith Dix, Gordy Anderson, Dawn Schattschneider, and Dave Dershimer!

A massive thanks to Greg Adams for taking some amazing photos on Saturday and Sunday PHOTOS HERE

Join us October 14-15, 2023 for the next edition of the Banana George Blairfoot Bananza… Registration opens August 1, 2023 on

SATURDAY was the Barefoot Figure 8 Tournament.  Two footers go behind a boat driving a Figure 8 pattern in Lake Silver.  Whoever stays up the longest moves on in the bracket, loser moves to loser bracket. Double Elimination.


JUNIOR DIVISION (Cash Prizes sponsored by Marty Levine)

1) Owen Schattschneider $200

2) Bryson Mace $150

3) Brett Swanbom $50

SENIOR DIVISION (Cash Prizes sponsored by The Southern Region)

1) Sparky Wicks $200

2) Clancey Nicholls $100 (not pictured)

3) Al Hager $50 (not pictured)

OPEN DIVISION (Cash prizes sponsored by Betsy Gilman)

1) Joe Coda $200

2) Ryan Kuhns $100

3) Brett Swanbom $50

PRO DIVISION (Cash prizes sponsored by Lance Smith and Just Add Water Media)

1) Marc Donahue $400

2) Paul Stokes $200

3) Van Coda $100

4) Wayne King $75

5) Owen Schattschneider $50

SUNDAY is the Endurance challenge. The boat goes in a large circle and the laps are timed.



1) Owen Schattschneider 12:26

2) Logan Harrington 8:58

3) Van Coda 7:09


1) Ron Coonse 4:24

2) John Friede 3:33

3) Clancey Nicholls 2:32


1) Billy Nichols 6:21

2) Tim Collette 5:42

3) Joe Coda 4:08


1) Marc Donahue 10:06

2) Lance Smith 10:04

3) Wayne King 4:37

One comment

  1. Hat’s off to Betsy for making this happen and for growing the tournament. If it wasn’t for betsy and her group of volunteers the Banana George Barefoot Bonanza would not have happened.
    Thank you


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