2023 Barefoot Season opens at Florida’s newest water ski lake in Auburndale

The 2023 Barefoot Season is underway after a low PGA canal forced the Southern Region to make a quick location change from South Florida to Central Florida.

Voila! The PGA Season Opener became the Polk County Season Opener at “Lake New” or the “Lake-Myrtle-Championship-Ski-Lake-to-be-named-later” in Auburndale, Florida.

The competition kicked off early on April 29th to beat the forecasted storms, and Team Canada was well-represented on the dock, making up the entire international men’s division. It is great to see the Great White North make a comeback in barefoot water skiing with a new generation!

Zach Nyers was the first skier off the dock… flying into his first Florida barefoot tournament. Zach scored a 710 in tricks and 8.45 in slalom.

Taylor Nullmeyer was slayed his personal bests after spending a week at the World Barefoot Center scoring 11.3 in slalom and 1630 in tricks! This dude is awesome!

And Brem Allen returned to competition after having a baby girl in February! He scored 3450 in tricks and 14.4 in slalom.


Queen of Lake New, Carol Jackson

World Record Holder Carol Jackson paid a visit to the new lake to kill it in tricks with a 900 and 3.6 in slalom. Tournament Director Jim Forster is back with his fierce barefoot style scoring a 13.3 in slalom. And Beast of the East and Livestream production guru John Garrity scored 950 in tricks and a 6.01 in slalom. John also spent time securing internet access for livestreaming the Southern/Eastern Regionals in August! Stay tuned for all of the action.

2023 Junior World Champion Brett “The Bomb” Swanbom is not a newcomer to Lake New. Brett was a featured skier at the 2023 Wake Fest on April 15th! He was the first barefooter ‘evah’ on the lake. Brett has not slowed down since worlds… scoring 14.6 in slalom and a 6150 in tricks!

Fellow Open Pro Competitor Michael Randolph Caruso arrived on site just in time after a late night watching the Florida Panthers play in Fort Lauderdale. Mikey stepped out of the car and onto the lake to demolish some slalom passes, scoring a 13.6.

World Barefoot Center’s Executive of Petroleum Distribution, Trey Edwards, introduced his new shoulder protectors (patent pending) to Lake New! Trey scored an amazing 2400 in tricks and 11 in slalom.

Taylor, Zach, John, Brett, Trey and Brem join Robert, the guy who built the lake.

One super cool event of the day, Robert Krupa, the guy who actually built the lake, stopped by early to see the action! Landscaping is coming soon to the lake also as Auburndale plans to make this lake the site of international competition!

BEST BOAT CREW EVER: Ben, Ash, Christina, Ryno & Jim

Massive thanks to Ben Groen for driving and judging, Ash Stebbeings Groen, Trey Edwards, and Tina Nadalin for judging, Ryan Gilman for doing the video, and Jim Forster for driving!

Thanks to the City of Auburndale and Polk County Sports Marketing/Visit Central Florida for letting us use the lake and donating the portalet!

Trey, Christina, Brem, Jim, John, Taylor, Zach and Ash at Tantrums

We finished off the day with a group lunch at Tantrums… just on the other side of the “Lake New” by the Cable Park!

We expect great things from this lake… the Southern and Eastern Regionals will be held here August 5-6, 2023. All information on this unique event is available HERE.


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