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Links to other Barefooting sites

Using any of the links below will take you outside this website.

barefootHQ – THE PLACE for all things Barefooting

Tales from the Foot This a very current barefoot website put together by Eric Wedige and includes videos and a forum

The Blue is home to the Blue Moo and the Heller family. Go see the site to 2007-8 US Barefoot National Championships.

BarefootWater-Ski.comThis is a new site put together by Mike Holtz who is avid barefooter. The site includes information about many aspects of barefooting.

IWSF International Water Ski Federation – the governing body for all waterskiing world wide

WBC World Barefoot Council Pages

EAME Barefoot Pages EAME Barefoot Water Ski Selection Pages

Australia Barefoot Page Barefoot Australia – the Australian Barefoot Waterski Club

British Barefoot Team Some of the best video available!

New Zealand Barefoot Page New Zealand Barefoot Water Ski Club

South African Barefoot Pages This site features information about tournaments and skiers from South Africa

No Stiks This site is dedicated to promoting recreational and competitive barefoot waterskiing.  By Thor Thordarson

GB European Barefoot video’s and equipment

Footer’s Alley This site is put together by Russ Wriker with purpose of promoting fun and competitive aspects of barefoot waterskiing.

Barefoot International Mike Seipel’s Barefoot International Products

Barefoot Central  This site gives you the competitive barefoot world from the perspective of Chuck Gleason

USA Waterski The Governing body for Waterskiing in the United States

UMBWSA Upper Midwest Barefoot Water Ski Association -This Club in Fergus Falls Minnesota has hosted the 1996 and 2000 World Championship and the 2001 Nationals and 2001 Pan Am Championships

Victorian Barefoot Water Ski Club The location where you can get information about the Victorian Barefoot Water Ski Club in Australia, and also info about the 2004 Elite World Championships

Brett Sands Watersports Brett Sands Watersports & Wakeboard Centre

Atlanta Barefoot Club The website of the Atlanta Barefoot Club with tournaments, pictures, and more

Banana George Blair This guy is the ambassador for barefoot water-skiing.  His site include accomplishments an photo.  At close to 90 years old this guy is amazing More water ski sites

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