Eye Surgery and Barefoot Water Skiing: Please complete this short survey!

ATTENTION BAREFOOTERS, past and present!

You have the opportunity to advance the science and safety of the sport of barefoot water skiing. A nationally recognized ophthalmologist, Dr. John Hart, is conducting a study of barefoot water skiers who have any history of cataract surgery.


After reviewing videos of barefoot water skiing, we believe it is possible that eyes are at risk for eye trauma especially during a fall at high speed. We are interested in finding out if other barefoot water skiers have had similar issues during cataract surgery.

One of your members, Alexander Maximovich M.D., now 68 years old, was a competitive barefoot water skier for 12 years and was found to have an unusual eye change discovered at the time of cataract surgery with Dr. Hart. If abnormalities we found during the skiers surgery were not recognized, he may have had significant sight-threatening complications.

It is important to identify if this is a problem, so that people who have participated in bare foot water skiing and eye care professionals are aware of this potential problem and can address .

Your information is still important to us even if you are not barefooting anymore.

We are interested in receiving your input, present or past ABC members, AWSA members or friends who may have had the above eye issues.


John Hart M.D. Edward Korot M.D.
Alexander Maximovich M.D. past AWSA and ABC member


One comment

  1. I don!t know if i mentioned it on my response but I have a bad habit of hitting myself when i fall . This made my eye bleed many times with contacts & several times after the Lens implants with no problems i know of


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