John Cornish is Preserving Barefoot Waterskiing History and needs your help!

The World Barefoot Council is making a push to preserve our sport’s history and has appointed former American Barefoot Club President and Barefoot Hero John Cornish to lead the charge!

John is now The Barefoot Historian.  And he needs your help! 

John has created the WBC History Committee made up of a representative from each of the three World Barefoot Confederations.  Each Confederation Representative is forming a sub-committee made up of representatives from countries from the countries or areas of the confederation.   Joe Knapp is taking on the challenge from the ABC with the assistance of Sharon Carlson.

These committees are responsible for assisting, developing and reviewing all the submissions for country, region, confederations and world history content.  All content is reviewed by the WBC prior to posting.

The WBC History Committees are seeking any information individuals might have that would be of interest and appropriate for submission to the WBC.  

Our thanks go out to Phillippe Poyet from France who has been the sole historian for the World Barefoot Council for many years. He has spent countless hours being the person behind the barefoot history but other commitments have forced him to step down.

Please contact any of the committee members if you would like to offer history content:

John Cornish

Joe Knapp

Sharon Carlson


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