South Central Region Shreds It At the Blue Mile

By Mark Shank

The 2019 South Central Regional tournament took place on July 27 at the Blue Mile in Beaumont, Texas.  Many thanks to our hosts Chad Sullivan and Rod Sheppard for making the facilities available. The day started with a thunderstorm, which delayed the tournament for about 2 hours, but the rain gave way to a beautiful day for skiing.


We once again were pleased to host Brett Swanbom whose spectacular barrel roll while jumping sent oohs and ahs through the crowd.  Several skiers, including Blake Ehlers, Vonyl Adams, Adam Page, and Mark Shank scored personal bests. And Jimmy Taurus skied one of his best trick runs in recent memory.

Shank Master Jam doing a flyer!

First time skier, 10 year- old Conlan Keadle won the Boys B division overall.  And Austin Kolodjcak, did double duty, skiing in a three-event tournament in Houston and the SCR regional in the same weekend!

Brock, Sammi and Colin!

Thank you to our Chief Judge Blake Ehlers, Chief Scorer Mark Shank and Chief Driver Jim Rollins to keeping thinks rolling, and putting on a fun tournament.  The results are HERE.


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