2020 World Barefoot Waterski Championships after COVID19

I hope everyone is safe and healthy in the midst of the Corona Virus.

Ashley Shewmaker
Ashley Shewmaker works in a hospital in Northern California… she would tell you to stay the hell home!

The American Barefoot Club honors all of the healthcare professionals who are working on the frontlines of this crisis, often without the proper protective gear… including former Junior World Champion and Nurse Ashley Shewmaker. If you know Ashley… you know what she would tell you right now!

Prayers also to all the small business people making tough decisions right now as they choose our nation’s health over making money.  They may never recover from the economic damage of the Pandemic.

Barefoot water skiing doesn’t seem important right now… but I know we are all thinking about the 2020 World Barefoot Championships which were supposed to take place April 11-18 in Sydney, Australia.

The World Barefoot Council met today to discuss what to do with the 2020 Worlds.  And here is what was decided:

The 2020 World Championships will not happen in 2020.

The 2020 Junior Barefoot World Championships will be held somewhere in Australia sometime in early 2021.  No date yet. Everyone who qualified for 2020 will still be qualified even if they have turned 18.

The 2020 Elite Barefoot World Championships have not been rescheduled or canceled yet but may likely be pushed to 2021 or 2022.

The 2020 Senior Barefoot World Championships are CANCELED.  They will not happen. The event will reconvene in Florida in late 2021 as the Masters World Barefoot Water Ski Championships. Mark Shank of Texas is organizing that event.

The World Barefoot Council will meet again in four weeks. I will let you know what happens then.



New South Wales Barefoot Club is bleeding money and ARE tens of thousands of dollars in debt right now so please buy a 2020 worlds t-shirt, towel, hat or sweatshirt CLICK HERE.


For now,  tournaments in the United States will resume after May 17, Check out the schedule here.  But be willing to roll with it… when it changes!

Stay Safe and Stay home Barefoot Nation!

-Betsy Anderson Gilman, President, American Barefoot Club



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