Warriors of the North compete in Multi-State Barefoot Tournament

By Megan Adams

The 2020 Multi-State Barefoot Tournament was the first Midwest tournament this year, it was held at the Blue Moo Lake in Alma Center, Wisconsin. It was a very wet and cold tournament. When we got there in the morning the temps were in the mid 60’s and it was raining pretty good. After about an hour of waiting to see if the rain would stop, Joe Knapp braved the weather and started off the tournament skiing in the rain.

We had 17 skiers at Multi-State, starting out with Tricks, Slalom, and then Jump. Everyone skied tricks through the rain, and we were halfway through the slalom event when it finally stopped raining. The rain barely held off through the jump event, as soon as the last jumper finished it started to rain again, so we got really lucky. Everyone skied amazingly even with the rainy and cold weather.


Dan Boerman, known as Carter’s dad, skied at his first-ever tournament and did awesome scoring 2.83 in slalom and 200 in tricks. Carter Boerman also skied awesome, getting a PB in tricks with 1,960 points. Megan Adams got two new PB’s with 2,160 in tricks and 9.4 in slalom. Along with Martin Cyr tying his PB in tricks scoring 1,500 points. Paul Stokes hasn’t lost his touch, he stopped by the Blue Moo to take a slalom run scoring 16.2. Brody Meskers put up the highest scores at Multi-State in all three events, he scored a 16.4 in slalom, 5,400 in tricks, and had a 21.6-meter jump.

Complete Tournament Results CLICK HERE!

Brody Meskers boosts it at the Multi-State Tournament!

Huge thanks to first-time tournament director Sean Qualey, who did an amazing job putting together this tournament. Thanks to our Chief Judge Joe Knapp and Judge Tom Tocco, who were the only two judges, for being in the boat all day. Thanks to our Chief Driver Scott Stouffer and Drivers Mike Schoenke and Eric Friedle for the amazing pulls. And thank you to the Heller Family, none of this would be possible without them allowing us to host tournaments at the Blue Moo.

The Midwest Regionals is on July 24 and 25 at the Blue Moo.


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