2020 Western Regionals return to Northern California just in time for West Coast Willie’s 65th Birthday

By Andrew Martin

The Western Barefoot Regionals have returned to northern California!

After competitive barefoot waterskiing made a return to California, in general, two years ago, the Western Barefoot Regionals took place for the first time since 2010 at Diablo Shores on August 1st. Eleven footers competed in three events, kicking off the day with two rounds of tricks and slalom and capping off the day with jump.

Joe and Lynae Lovato led the Silverado caravan with Doug Jordan and Mike Brisco joining them for the journey down the coast. Brian Butterworth made a return for his first tournament since 2001, and Mike Temby made an appearance skiing in the slalom and tricks events. Danny and Claudia Bray joined from the central valley to participate in the fun, and locals Jerry Kanawyer and Andrew Martin had a good outing on their home water.


107091191_2642221262710719_4616235669654309139_oWillie Farrell celebrated his 65th birthday while still spinning up a storm. As part of his birthday celebration, several guests from the past showed up for a visit including Bing Seto, Dawn Farrell, Gary Butler, Tim Pellaton, Scott Pellaton, Andy Conway, and others. A number of spectators also showed up for the event, leading to a walkaround demonstration with three skiers behind a boat and other local waterski enthusiasts visiting and enjoying some great skiing.

Thanks to Jerry and Tracy for hosting this year’s event, and we look forward to the 2021 Western Regionals at Lake Silverado in Adna, Washington!

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