Betsy Gilman is out as President of the American Barefoot Club

It has been my pleasure to serve you all as President of the American Barefoot Club for the past four years, but as of August 23, 2020… there is a new sheriff in town and the future looks bright for barefoot water skiing! 

The ABC’s New Leadership is ready to take on the water and the world:

President: Tina McCauley

Vice President: Sam Dubs

Treasurer: Lauren Ehlers

Secretary:  Andrew Martin

WOW! What an amazing young crew!  A massive thanks goes out to my Vice President Mike Molepske, Treasurer Claudia Landon and Secretary Arlene Stoppe!  They deserve your respect and thanks. I know I drove them crazy the past four years.

I came into the role with few simple goals… and tried my best to expand our reach and our profile in the US and the world. What the ABC Board has accomplished:

  • New performance-based barefoot divisions to level the playing field
  • New Scoring Program aligned with the rest of the water sports world
  • Bigger Social Media Profile (2800 Instagrams Followers!)
  • More robust and barefoot coverage
  • More kids and women competing
  • USA Junior Development Team (for juniors who qualify for worlds but do not make the team)

I am proud to have been a part of the Local Organizing Committee for the past four Barefoot Nationals and organized dozens of tournaments and clinics in several states while being president. I won’t stop doing that!

A personal goal of mine was to become every type of Barefoot Water Ski Official.  I am a Judge, Scorer, Homologator, Driver, USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Certified Instructor and Safety Coordinator.  My proudest accomplishment was designing and installing a jump course in 30-foot deep Mills Pond for the 2019 Ed Finley Southern Regionals.  I did it memory of my friend Ed Finley!

My favorite part of being president was working with our Juniors and the 2018 Junior World Development Team!  I enjoy watching them grow and succeed in our sport.

I would like to thank the ABC Board, all barefooters, Mark Shank, Ben Groen, Ash Stebbeings, Shannon Klahn, Ken Reynolds, Lauren St.Onge, Paul Adams, Dale Stevens, Joe Knapp and of course, my husband, Ryan Gilman, who attends endless barefoot tournaments, listens to endless calls, hauls barefoot t-shirts, barefoot jumps and boats, all because I ask him.  He is the best.. EVER.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve.  And for everyone who was generally a pain in my ass… you know who you are… thanks for challenging me every step of the way.

My name is Betsy Gilman and I love barefoot water skiing!

I hope you too, find the way you can serve and support our sport!

Onward and Upward!

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