PB’s and perfect conditions at Multistate barefoot tournament

There were the most perfect tournament conditions at the Multistate Barefoot Tournament on June 19th. It was 80 and sunny all day long with a small cool cross breeze, just enough to put ripples on the water here and there. This day was meant for breaking PB’s and being enjoyed by all!

Harry Stokes and Kevin Spada competed in their first barefoot 3-event tournaments and skied some great passes. Kevin even managed to both trick and slalom out of Men’s C and into Men’s B.

Slalom Winners

Sharon Carlson possibly broke her previous national record for Women’s 8 with a trick score of 570 (previously 510), pending review.

Sharon backwards barefooting at 77 years old

Cam Patton landed his first barefoot jumps as well as PB’d in his other two events with a 9.2 slalom and a 2060 in tricks. Scott Stouffer PB’d in slalom with a 9.4, Ryan Hayes PB’d in slalom with an 8.9, Mark Gibbon PB’d in both tricks with a 490 and slalom with a 3.0, Kevin Rauscher PB’d in both tricks with a 780 and slalom with a 3.13, Carter Boerman PB’d in all three events by tricking 2,800, slaloming an 11.7, and a jump of 9.0.

Cam Patton’s first longline jump weekend

Carter also came close to sweeping the Boy’s A gold medals with a first in both tricks and slalom, but Orval Cyr took the gold for jump followed by his brother Martin.

Ben Groen and Ashleigh Stebbeings had an intersection of their clinics and were able to help judge, score and drive throughout the weekend as well as put up impressive scores of 10,380 and 7,650 in tricks, and 18.3 and 17.8 in slalom, respectively. Ben also made an impressive leap of 23.8m on the ramp.

Chief Judge Joe Knapp pulled off a win in Senior Men Slalom with a 12.2, while Paul Oman squeaked by him in tricks by 30 points with a score of 1330.

Boy’s A slalom was lead by Carter Boerman with an 11.7, followed by Cam Patton with a 9.2, and Orval Cyr with an 8.6. Boy’s A tricks was again lead by Carter with a 2,800, again followed by Cam with a 2,060, and Martin Cyr with a 2,000. Boy’s A jump was lead by Orval Cyr with a 12.1, followed by Martin Cyr with a 10.4, and Cam Patton with a 9.4.

Men’s C was taken by surprise as first time competitor Kevin Spada won tricks with an 1,100, followed by Ryan Hayes with a 940, and Kevin Rauscher with a 780. Spada also won Men’s C slalom with a 6.5, followed by Kevin Rauscher and Mark Gibbon.

Men’s B was a tight slalom race with 5 scores between 8.0 and 9.4. Scott Stouffer won with a 9.4, followed by Ryan Hayes with an 8.9 and Paul Adams with an 8.5. Men’s B trick was won by Zak Johnson with a 1,050, followed by Paul Adams with a 1,030 and Scott Stouffer with a 560.

Men’s A tricks was won by Sean Qualey with a 1,750, followed by Paul Stokes with a 1,530, and Kenny Kaestner with a 1,320. Men’s A Slalom saw Eric Friedle edge out Kenny by .3 with a 12.6.

Megan Adams held down the open women’s division with scores of 7.2 in slalom and 2,310 in tricks. Paul Stokes represented Open Pro Men’s Slalom with a 16.3. Ben Hough represented Super Veteran Men with a 50 in tricks and .95 slalom.

Also many thanks to all volunteers making this possible including Mike Schoenke who came out solely to drive.

Full results can be found here: https://iwwfed-ea.org/barefoot/21USA011/


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