New ABC Tricks, Slalom, Jump Barefoot Badges debut this Summer!

If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of something bigger than yourself –  now you can be part of barefoot history… and wear it.

South-Central Regional Director Landen Ehlers and the ABC Badge Committee put together a badge system in 2017 with the ABC Barefooter Badge (barefoot behind the boat for 15 seconds) and the ABC Master Barefooter Badge (all four toe holds behind the boat.)

This summer, three new badge options are being introduced for tournament competitors. The Tricks, Slalom and Jump badges can be earned by attending tournaments and competing in those events.  You then can earn a star for every 1000 points in tricks (up to 10 stars) and a star for every 2 points in wake slalom up to 10 stars, and every 2 meters after 8 meters up to 10 stars!

The New badges will be available after June 1, 2018.

“My hope in creating this system is that it can give barefooters… especially young ones, goals for them to reach towards in the sport,” said Landen Ehlers.

ABC Master Member Patch BARS 2018


Once a badge is obtained that person can sew it onto their ski bag or jacket and show it off to other skiers.  Since the badges target different levels of ability it’s a system for all ages… from a nine-year-old just starting out who may need a confidence boost to a 25-year-old who has mastered all the basics, or even a veteran barefooter who wants something to brag about!

To earn your badge you just need to be a member of USA Water Ski & Wake Sports and contact an examiner listed here .

You can test in person OR submit a video via Facebook, YouTube or any other form of media to examiners.

“If someone can earn a badge  it might help motivate them to practice and train for that badge,” said Landen Ehlers.

Along with receiving a badge the recipients name gets posted on the ABC website under Barefooter Badge Wall of Fame.  Imagine how amazing it would be to have your name next to some of the top skiers including Ben Groen, Willie Farrell and many more.

Story submitted by Jen Blake, ABC Barefoot Correspondent

Jen Blake

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