Out of the Fog comes High-Flying Fun at Midwest Regional Tournament

By Paul Adams

The Midwest Regional Championships at the Blue Moo started in the fog and ended with a bang in Alma Center, Wisconsin on Saturday!

The morning fog lifted in plenty of time to start with Jump at 8am.  We had nine jumpers with the highlight of Brody Meskers landing a 23.2 jump. HOLY MOLY GO TEAM USA!!!

We then switched to a group of nine skiers all running through Tricks and then getting right back out and running their Slalom runs.  Orval Martin posted a trick score of 1530 to qualify for the World Championships in Canada in about a month.  This kid and his brother Martin have been training so hard they’ve been saying “In Gear” in their sleep!

Martin and Orval Cyr showing off the guns and their ABC t-shirts!

Five new footers competed in their first Regional Championship and four footers in their first tournament ever.  Tyler Lorenz, Ken Reynolds will move to Men B for Slalom and Tricks from Men C.  Jeff Mickelson will move to Men B for Tricks from Men C and Todd Thompson will move to Men B from Men C for Slalom.

Rick Stenson won Men A Overall not to be out done by his daughter, Ryleigh Stenson Junior US Team Skier, taking home the Girl A Overall with and clean sweep of all events.  Ryleigh is kicking butt and taking names! Megan Adams is also worlds-bound as a member of the Junior Development Team with a PB in tricks and slalom in Girls A.

Chief Judge Mike Molepske and Chief Scorer Shannon Klahn ran and super-efficient tournament that allowed everyone to enjoy a great barbecue spread put on by Grill Master Doug Bohn late afternoon.  Go Midwest!!!  We rock!





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