Stoked to Ski South-Central Regionals!

By Lauren “Rock Star” Ehlers

The South Central Regional Championships was held at the Blue Mile in Beaumont, TX July 14th. The Blue Mile is just what the name describes, it is a mile long ski lake full of glassy blue water hidden off Interstate 10 right outside of town. With 20 competitors, a handful of spectators and endless volunteers the tournament went off without a hitch and was full of PBs, world’s qualifications and breaking into new divisions! See below some of the rock star skiers from SCR Regionals:

Personal Bests:
Ali Gates – tricks
Adrian Adams – tricks
Will Stevenson – tricks
Reagan Burns – tricks
Chad Lough – tricks
Logan Walter – tricks
Joey Holder – tricks and slalom pb

Qualified for Worlds:
Blake Ehlers in jump
Chad Sullivan in jump
Logan Walter in slalom

Broke into a new division:
Lauren Ehlers – Open slalom moving into Open overall
Adrian Adams – Men’s B jump
Will Stevenson – Men’s B jump
Logan Walter – Open slalom
Chad Lough – Men’s A slalom and tricks

It was an honor having so many smiling faces enjoying competition and commradory together, as well as the excitement of skiers going out and doing something new. Watching Joey Holder compete in his first tournament and Adrian and Will jump long line for the first time kept the stoke level high all day!

The LOC, the Austin Barefoot Ski Club, would like to thank Chad Sullivan and Rod and Maryanne Sheppard for sharing their little slice of heaven to host the tournament and all of the other volunteers for their hard work in the Texas heat!

Barefooting Waterskiing – It Ain’t Easy… But It’s Cool!

Shirts are still for sale, contact Lauren Ehlers 409-673-5178 to purchase!


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